Arkansas may not be for everyone, and we are fine with that. But our home is the inspiration behind the hard seltzer you’ve been waiting for, Scarlet Letter. Our light, easy-drinking malt beverage with natural flavor can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere while experiencing the best elements and essence of Arkansas life. Want more reasons to drink Scarlet Letter? Here’s four:

Our award-winning flavors feature complex and creative flavors with a clean finish. In other words, it’s a seltzer that doesn’t taste artificial. Don’t believe us? In a blind taste test, 80% of people preferred Scarlet Letter over White Claw, Truly, & High Noon. That’s the best money can buy!

Our innovative recipe achieves the holistic experience all seltzers strive for without sacrificing incredible flavor. Scarlet Letter is made with 86 calories, 1.0g of carbs, and 4.3% alc/vol, so you can drink guilt-free. Feel free to compare our nutrition facts with other leading seltzer brands!

Our approach was simple. Be bold. Be different. Featuring special artisan blends never seen before, we’ve done just that while remaining light, crisp, & refreshing. Each flavor profile is uniquely complex and achieves the small batch and artisan experience people love. Out with boring!

Scarlet Letter won a gold medal in the MicroLiquor™ Spirit Awards,  SL Red won 3rd place overall at Fizz Fight, “The world’s first hard seltzer festival and tasting competition” and scored a 91/100 in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. The #1 Arkansas craft seltzer is making moves in the industry!

84 CALS, 0.8g CARBS, 4.3% ALC/VOL // Cucumber is the bulk of the flavor profile, giving it a refreshing, crisp flavor. Lime balances out the extreme crispness of the cucumber by adding a subtly sour citrus presence. Ginger adds a bright, warming spice. This ties together the freshness of the cucumber and the bite of the lime, providing a soft finish. Hibiscus adds an earthy tartness with a gentle floral top note, keeping it smooth and fresh.

84 CALS, 0.8g CARBS, 4.3% ALC/VOL // Passionfruit is the subtle yet bold base of this flavor, giving it a big beginning and a refreshing finish. Elderflower uses a light, earthy crispness that subtly adds a distinct, delicious flavor. Coriander adds a pleasing lemony flavor and floral aroma, to keep every sip just as fresh as the last. Key lime is the final piece to the puzzle, giving it a slight tartness to tie the passionfruit together with the lemony coriander and subtle elderflower.

84 CALS, 0.8g CARBS, 4.3% ALC/VOL // Pear is the subtle yet bold base of this flavor, giving it a big beginning and a refreshing finish. Kiwi gives the base a subtle tartness and adds a tropical element that going deliciously with the pear. Bergamot is a Mediterranean fruit that brings a citrusy floral buzz to this already beautifully blended seltzer. Basil holds together the pear and bergamot perfectly, adding a sweet and fragrant finish. Lemon is the final element, the glue that brings it all together, giving this seltzer the perfect balance of sour and sweet.

Pretty self-explanatory stuff here… but it’s the mixed pack, variety pack, party pack that you need for every occasion. Four of each of your favorite Scarlet Letter flavors, all in one place.