There’s no doubt that Fall is now officially here. Whether you’re getting cozy by a bonfire, hiking through the wilderness, or need something for adult Trick-or-Treating, we’ve got the beer for you! With this new seasonal brew, we took a complex and nutty Southern Brown Ale and gave it a kick of natural hazelnut. The caramel notes and creamy mouthfeel really make this beer a treat for any fall occasion! Make sure to look out for it at your local craft beer selling stores!

Check out our Hazelnut Brown…


You heard right, Core was awarded being the best local brewery in Arkansas. Oh, and did we mention it was for the SIXTH time in a row? All thanks to our loyal beer fans like you! 

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Yep, its that time again! Northwest Arkansas’s biggest beer competition is back, and you know what that means… Get in a pub and try some new beers! The competition starts on September 29th, and will last for two weeks, so you don’t have long to support your favorite brewer.

The beer of this round is an imperial stout, so if you like dark beer, this round is for you. Last round, head brewer Roddy took home the crown with the best made Double IPA. Can he complete the back to back titles with his And Then Came Then imperial stout? This brew was made from 180 lbs of toasted coconut and 80 lbs of roasted walnuts from NWA’s very own Rick’s Bakery. Weird name, great beer.

His competitors are looking for their first title, putting forth beers that will not make Roddy’s repeat an easy task. Director of Operations Ron Schmidt presents Dark Mater, a Mexican chocolate stout brewed with Ancho, Guajiou, and Habanero peppers. Alton presents The Dude Abides, a white Russian imperial stout based off of the movie “The Big Lebowski,” brewed with chocolate malts, roasted barley, and Kahlua. Lastly, founder Jesse Core brewed Prison Break Larry, named after his English Bulldog, which features KYYA Tanzanian Chocolate and Bolder Coffee Brazilian Blend.

Needless to say, you’re not going to want to miss this round of Battle of the Brewers. Try and vote on all four beers at any of our public house locations.


When the Razorbacks step in between the lines on Saturdays, you better believe Saturdays are for supporting the boys. And what better way to do that than getting in a Core pub and snagging an Arkansas Red for $2? For other specials and drink deals, sign up for our newsletter or check out our pubs on Facebook.


Core is on a mission to take our beers to the next level. Beginning in October, we plan to begin releasing a steady flow of new and improved beers, as well as continuing to produce the everyday staples that you love.

Our upcoming release of Cranberry Rye is set to hit shelves in early October. Cranberry Rye is sworn to avenge the craze of the pumpkin spice amongst beer drinkers., being a bold IPA, this brew will be perfect for cool weather. It’s brewed with cranberries and sweet orange peel, which is very similar to the proper way to make traditional Thanksgiving cranberry sauce. Cranberry Rye will be sold for a limited time, so grab a 4-pack before they run out!

Other beers planned to be released include a few classics with new and improved recipes. In round 1 of Battle of the Brewers, Ron’s Green Hell proved to be extremely successful, so we figured it was about time to bring back what the people want. Coming soon is the newest version of Ron’s double IPA, renamed Ring of Fire. The West Coast Double IPA will feature six premium North American hops, being an absolute steal for you hop lovers.

Our new Beach Rat series is coming soon to shelves near you. These beers include fruity New England Style pale ales featuring Beach Rat hops combined with several other premium and rare hops, including Australian Summer, Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Motueka hops. These hazy, golden-brown brews are smooth and unfiltered and have tropical bursts of flavor.

Be sure to check out these new beers in the upcoming months!